Filipinos, expats & other residents in & outside of the Philippines worry too much on terrorism, killing, murder & crime; war against the illegal drugs, illegal gambling, political instability, unemployment, squatters & sidewalk vendors; over $65 million of wasted money per day in the metropolis due to the heavy traffic, population explosion & overcrowding in the estimated 15 million residents in Metro, & so forth. They pay too much attention to the TV networks, CCTV news, mobile communications & links locally & internationally … but not on the top 3 highest causes of deaths!
When you go to the top 5 largest shopping malls in Metro Cebu & Metro Manila, for example, the most crowded floors, departments … are the food courts, fast foods & restaurants, groceries & processed foods’ sections! Eating the wrong foods is the top 2 highest causes of deaths. Inhaling the smog & living in & around the polluted environments can cause respiratory disorders, the #3 cause of deaths. —…/breathing-metro-manila-air-n… and