When I would give documentation to the appointed attorney Jane Elliot

When I would give documentation to the appointed attorney Jane Elliot, she would make snide remarks to me never wanting to represent me based on evidence. Instead, behind my back, backstabber style, she would get information about me to set-me-up for failure and perpetrate harm to me. I gave her a copy of the 2003 court name change for my current name and it had my Lafayette address on it. (I had legally changed my name in 1988 thru the California Usage Method, then legally in the Superior Court.). She never tried to protect me, but instead I’m/was being harassed. I had referred to that nice Lafayette apartment as “magical” bcuz the floor plan was appealing and it was a good size apartment and I could live comfortably while I worked on my condo renovations and delivered newspapers early a.m. 7 days per week, late night merchandising b4 routes, and Wednesday employment in Rossmoor, which was exhausting.
Even Bill Gates uses the word magical. These certain EVIL gov people have sooo much hatred they don’t want to see me for who I am. They see me as garbage to stomp on. I was born in the U.S. (San Jose, California. I grew up in the Monterey area.), I served this country, I’ve spent many years devoting my time and money helping others in my community and doing good deeds and all these certain Psycho sociopathic gov people do is inhumane acts to harm me.
Somebody, Please help me. Help us!!!